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Since he was a kid, Matt had a reputation for climbing his neighbor’s trees in Colorado. After graduating Littleton High School, Matt’s father gave him his first chainsaw and he’s been growing his business ever since.

After 29 years of business, Matt’s Maintenance Tree Service has several hardworking crews, reliable equipment, and outstanding customer service.

We strive to do the best job possible!

Matt's Maintenance Team

“I pride myself on reputation. 75% of my business has been built off of word-of-mouth”

– Matt, Owner



Having our own crane means we can get the job done faster and smarter.
The crane is an expert on large, dangerous, and technical removals.

Tree Removal

When to Remove a Tree?
  • No matter the type, size, or location of the tree/shrub, we have a way to remove it!
  • You might want to consider removing a tree if it’s more than a third dead, if it’s leaning, or if the trunk is damaged.

Tree Trimming

When to Trim a Tree?
  • Recommended every 2-3 years.
  • Includes trimming for safety, deadwood, and clearance.

Tree Pruning

When to Prune a Tree?
  • Recommended every 2-3 years.
  • Includes trimming for deadwood, clearance, diseased/damaged limbs, crown thinning, light shaping, raising and sucker removal.
  • Pruning helps with beauty, health, and the lifespan of the tree.

Stump/Root Grinding

When to Grind a Stump / Root?
  • The easiest way to remove a stump. This is a powerful machine that will chip away at the stump below ground level, and could also chip out the root ball for future possible replant.
  • Normal stump grinding will grind the stump 6-8in below ground. Stump grinding for replant will grind the stump about 10-15in below ground.
  • CAUTION: We will not be responsible for any damage to drainage/utility lines.


We Deliver Free Mulch – You Just Pay for the Delivery!
  • Our mulch is completely free, we just charge a delivery fee.
  • It’s a blend of all Colorado wood and is perfect for your garden!


Cheap Wood – Free Delivery!
  • Unsplit. We charge per truckload.
  • Contact us for more information!

Crane Work

We Have Our Very Own Crane!
  • Cranes help to get the job done faster, more easily, and more safely
  • Use of a crane is less damaging to the landscape around the removal



Greg W

Matt’s team removed two large pines and two aspens which overhung the roof. Work was efficient, clean and timely. I would highly recommend Matt for any tree removal needs.


Ken J

The folks at Matt’s Maintenance do great work. They are friendly, skilled and professional. We needed help cutting down large, dead trees. They have the right equipment and do the job right.


Ron B

This is the second time we have used Matt’s services. Both time they were on time, professional, reasonable in price, and efficient. This last time was to cut and move a wooden sculpture. Matt had the staff and equipment to do it well. Thanks so much!


Jan S

I needed to have several trees pruned and one tree removed. Matt’s crew was great. They were efficient and done quickly. There were no limbs lefts on the ground and the trees look much better. This is the second time I’ve had Matt do work for me. Very satisfied.


Dr. Chuck

Fantastic service. We have used 3-4 other tree services in the past 30 years. Matt’s is the best we have found in Centennial.


Steve K

I was looking to have someone remove an 85’ narrow leaf willow from my back yard that was dying and dangerous. Matt did the work on time and at a great price. They left the yard clean and free of debris. I would highly recommend.


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