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We can typically give a price with a few photos and dimensions.
Save some time and include the following with your request

  1. What is the diameter of the stump(s) at ground level?

  2. Located in the front yard/backyard/side yard?

  3. What is the access like to get to the stump(s)? (hills/slopes/gates/steps/retaining walls)

  4. Please include pictures of the stump(s), and what the access is like to get to the stump(s). 

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Already left us a voicemail? Wait for our call back (1 business day) before submitting this form to help us avoid duplicates

 This is a 3,500lbs machine that drives itself but leaves a small footprint. Any steps/slopes/rocks could prevent us from getting to the stump. We need at least 36" of clearance to get the grinder to the stump(s). 

A normal stump grinding will grind the stump 6-8in. below ground. A stump grinding for replant will grind the stump 10-15in. below ground. 

We will not be responsible for any damage to irrigation/drainage/electrical lines. Sprinkler and drainage lines are typically 8-12in. below ground. Electrical and utility lines are typically 18-24in. below ground. 
Still concerned? Call 811 to get located! 

"We can't see it, till we hit it."

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